Beau Fernald

There is a direct line connecting leadership and business success—but It’s not a straight line: it’s a rounded one. Throughout a rich career that has spanned engineering, product and customer-focused leadership for marquee and high-performing brands, those twin themes have been my professional north star.

I’m deeply experienced in building teams and delivering high-impact product and service solutions in the SaaS space. My areas of functional expertise are as broad as they are deep—encompassing product development, process, project and risk management, CRM, performance metrics, market analysis, forecasting, financial modeling and pricing. Over the course of my career, I’ve grown and applied these skills across several industries—from consumer and enterprise software to fintech, fund administration and wealth management.

No B2B company can be successful without ensuring that its customers are successful. In business (as in life), the only sustainable win is the win-win-win: where internal teams align within the organization to benefit the customers who fuel your top line—and your future.

In a complex, digital world, “leadership” means cross-functional leadership. Both temperamentally and experientially, this is my sweet spot. Gathering and harnessing team energy from every part of the organization and — drawing on my business, technical, and cross-cultural literacy — orchestrating that energy to catalyze business success is what I do best. Let's put it to work for you!